Friday, September 23, 2005

mother madonna

i feel like a virgin.

By Any Other Name
welcome. here you'll see my daily (or weekly) rants and raves. elements of my experience in this life that are worth mentioning... and are worth reading... real experiences, real feelings, real emotions. love it or leave it. and feel free to comment pro and con, this is the internet and feelings are not part of the field of play...

About Me
this blog will be dominated by indie/alternative rock music rants, philisophical/psuedo-religious critisizms, and reflection on the culture by which i am inculcated. occasionally, you find a random science fiction/fiction interjection, also, i live in nyc, so, you may also see some of my experiences on that front. i'm always at a local show (either theater or music) here in nyc, so i may post a review or two... but that's purely conjecture. call me out. i'm notarious for making huge, generalities - sweeping statements, that if not incorrect, are flawed in the worst way... and if you do, i learn something new...

so, till next time... all the best...


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