Sunday, September 25, 2005

the endearing blog

this is invigorating. i'm almost addicted. i am addicted. this is me coming alive a "post" at a time. almost as if i wrote all the hits by the beatles. or bought the rights. and then sold them to coke (the company). i've written five posts in the space of 24 hours, almost like it's saving my life. it may very well be. or i'm the cheeziest bastard on earth. whatever (the greatest word ever).

i'm not a writer, not a good one anyway. i'm decent, passable. i can communicate the emotion that's passing through my body, elextrifying (new word) my body, perhaps that is what makes a good writer. i'm not going to classify this world that you've climbed into. you'll form your own opinions anyway, as you should, as i want you to.

i just wanted to throw that out there. here's to you, blog.


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