Saturday, December 03, 2005

a good proverbial ass-kicking...

thank the maker for honest friends. i'm reading an incredible book, about a man, an incredible songwriter, just a man, nonetheless...and two-thirds through i lost it. it's so refreshing to see someone so personally honest. honest with themselvers, not just honest with the world...and in the same non-aggressive without being encouraging...yet so real and genuine...age brings some incredible consequences...i have to constantly remind myself that this man didn't start out like this. it's so easy, walking in nyc to grow bitter, to grow discouraged, every thirty seconds running into situations you can do nothing about (or so you think...). but i'm learning, at least for myself, bitterness takes root only when you spend so much time ingrained on your own issues. we are a rich people, the richest country in the world, we complain about petty issues, petty "sins", and we worship our own sense of self-indulgence. don't worry, i'm not preaching. just something i've noticed in myself. i guess i'm trying to inherit that desirable characteristic i mentioned before...this is one of those days i just want to throw everything i'm thinking into this blog, but my thoughts come and go too quickly...

"only the shallow know themselves." - oscar wilde


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