Monday, October 10, 2005

social fringelites

i'm a member of a social fringe. a circle on the edge of normal social spheres. many wish they could say that. i honestly can (or maybe i too wish i could...). many shun the very idea of social fringe(ness). they're initial reaction would be to refer to some "nut" on the edge of sanity.

however, there is an important distinction. being a member (or at one time, a member) of a social fringe does not mean you have the inability to relate to others. (although i would challenge an individual to define the concept behind "the ability to relate" without some sort of circular reasoning). but you and i get the gist (at least, i hope you do), so the "challenge" is pointless and a waste of time. what's the point of this rant? ha. good question!

learning to come to terms. i've met many individuals who experienced a similiar childhood to mine, and most are in the same boat, they're at some point of the journey. learning to accept the past, the influence the past has on the present, not being afraid to admit the past, going beyond in hopes that the experiences of our youth can have a positive influence on our present experiences, rather than to signify some sort of embarrasement.

it reads overdramatic. it probably even reads a little bit arrogant. i plead guilty to nothing. this is my way of dealing with it. i was homeschooled. there. i said it.


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