Thursday, February 23, 2006

words of wisdom on writing well

"so my advice is to bring more tangible elements into your lyrics -- physical de­scrip­tion­s, current events, place names, body parts, etc -- you catch my drift...
and don't focus totally on feelings, which is what your lyrics tend to do know and which is dan­ger­ously parellel to cliche land

i don't feel like i'm saying this very well, but i think your world and your mind are full of in­cred­ible nouns and verbs and ideas

if you can step outside that "heart space" as you currently define it , you will be able to return to that space with more concrete language and examples and song ideas

the arty words for this stuff might be: spe­cificity, context, loc­al­iz­a­tion, quo­ta­tion, immediacy

lots of the best poetry is written using tangible words to reflect grand ideas, rather than grand words"

- from a good me...


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