Monday, September 26, 2005

China's War on Words

China continues to take on it's own as the administration sets new rules for online publishing, banning anything that may be "against public interest". Employing "cyber police" to patrol the blogs and journals, there is, seemingly, no end in site on China's battle against human rights and independent expression.

And then Harrison Ford shot the Replicant through the chest...

Spider-Man 3 Villains Announced

So, a friend I trust thinks (and i agree), Venom could easily be the
sole villain for a single href="">Spider-Man film. However, perhaps for special effects sake, Sandman has also been
included, according to spill-the-beans expert Kirsten Dunst. According
to her statement directed at Zap2It journalists, Topher Grace will play
Sandman and Thomas Haden Church will play Venom.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

the endearing blog

this is invigorating. i'm almost addicted. i am addicted. this is me coming alive a "post" at a time. almost as if i wrote all the hits by the beatles. or bought the rights. and then sold them to coke (the company). i've written five posts in the space of 24 hours, almost like it's saving my life. it may very well be. or i'm the cheeziest bastard on earth. whatever (the greatest word ever).

i'm not a writer, not a good one anyway. i'm decent, passable. i can communicate the emotion that's passing through my body, elextrifying (new word) my body, perhaps that is what makes a good writer. i'm not going to classify this world that you've climbed into. you'll form your own opinions anyway, as you should, as i want you to.

i just wanted to throw that out there. here's to you, blog.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Jared Scharff Band at Arlene's Grocery

i met up with jared, kevin, phil and some new faces (as usual) at arlene's grocery last night, threw back a few and watched drama unfold. unfortunately, i didn't even get to see the show, they went on late (surprise, surprise) and i had another appointment. however, as seems to happen daily here in the city, i met several extraordinary persons. in fact, this whole week has been so productive. i'm so close to finding what i'm looking for. it's definitely been like some sort of life goal, i guess it is in a way. a challenge, a heated race with myself.

the point of this rant? the conversations i had with two "industry" individuals - an a/r rep from warner brother records, and a rep from ascap. conclusion: major labels have been reduced to mere marketing engines. rather than a full service station, huge million dollar corporations are insignificantly that: cash, bank accounts who "decide" what the rest of the world shall deem as aural art. you've heard this all before, it's been boiling for ten years now. it's just nice to hear the "industry" finally admit it too... the power now truly belongs to the people. independent art is in it's infancy, between the new-found, literary and journalistic power of the blog, independent music distribution companies (like ADA, IODA, The Orchard and CDBABY), and more interest by the fans themselves in what the "little guys" are up to, independent art is at the threshold and it's exciting.

final thoughts: i love this town. it hooks you up like no tomorrow, but if you have any seed of "spin" or pretense or fake confidence, it chews you up and spits you out like something from a Jim Henson film... i'm going to go watch Dark Crystal... that film freaked me out at seven years old...

vince vaughn and virgins...

i just saw "4o Year Old Virgin" - and when i say "just", i mean literally an hour ago, at the Lowes on 86th and Broadway. probably the hardest i've laughed since napolean dynamite. that doesn't say much for any comedy that's come out since. it's interesting to note: i wonder how many viewers really experience a bit of uncomfortableness, mixed with hilarity, mostly because we are all at one time or another, bitterly insecure sexually. very effective combination. you almost want to think it's so funny, because anything else would cause us to dwell...

a rant. as funny as the movie was, it still engages in a unhealthy dose of stereotyping (african-americans in particular). why aren't we over this yet??? you want to know what's funny? vince vaughn's character in Be Cool. that was funny, because a white guy was the slummy stupid bad guy, trying to be someone he's not, and he was, appropriately, shot down for it...that's not a stereotype... that's genuine creativity... because we all have seen (and some of us know) white people that wish they were someone else... in light of all that, and to keep persons from thinking i have a stick up my ass, my jaw hurt after leaving the theater... and that hasn't happened in years...

Friday, September 23, 2005

mother madonna

i feel like a virgin.

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